Internal painted brickwork

Blastit Limited have just completed, as part of refurbishment works in Atlantic Road, Brixton, removal of paint from bricks.

The finished work will be left as bare brickwork.

Cellar conversion.

Blastit Limited recently blast cleaned brickwork to remove paint.

We also blasted the floor and this was for the damp proofing company so they had a good key to adhere their cementious substrate to prevent ingress of water.

The client is very pleased to be able to use this area which before was just a damp storage room.

Glass Etching

We recently lightly blasted skylights in Covent Garden to create an opaque finish. The client still wanted light but required privacy.

Although the chance of anyone looking through the glass from the roof is unlikely the client wanted peace of mind.

The alternative to grit blasting is sticking transfers on the glass but these are prone to coming unstuck.

Timber beams

Blastit Limited have cleaned old oak beams in the Dunmow area. Blastit Ltd have been removing paint from oak beams for 45 years. The work is dusty. That are alternatives. One can use a stripper to remove paint. Dry ice can be used, however we use a very fine soft grit that doesn’t grain the timber but we always do a sample blast so the client can see the work before we start in earnest.

Internal brickwork

Blastit Ltd have just removed paint from internal walls which is to be left as an aesthetic finish at Shafton Mews East London . Blasted have been removing paint from brickwork in London efficiently for decades. We clean the paint internally to remove from brickwork so it can be left as anaesthetic finish. We also carry out work prior to tanking where we use a very course grit so that the plaster adheres to the wall. Tanking companies requires this finish prior to their work.

When the front of buildings require cleaning or paint removal Blastit Ltd also provides this service.

Gates at Borough Market

Blastit Limited have blast cleaned the steel gates at Borough Market to remove paint and rust to allow for repainting .

Grit blasting is far the best way to remove paint and rust from metal prior to painting. It increases the area of the steel giving a sharp rough anchor etch finish. The paint then adheres to the surface extremely well.

The gates have now been repainted.

Boat Antifoul Removal

Blastit Limited have blast cleaned at low pressure to remove coating from fibreglass hulls on the east coast. We have been doing this work for decades. When the paint is removed from fibreglass using paint stripper it doesn’t give a rough finish. Using a very low pressure blast it gives a good key. Also if there any small bubbles in the fibreglass ( possibly osmosis) it will take the heads off these so they can be filled with epoxy prior to fresh antifoul being applied.

Low Pressure Blast Cleaning at Swift Court, London

Blastit Limited last week cleaned at very low pressure, red bricks on two exterior elevations at Swift Court, London, SE1 5ER. We used a very soft and fine grit. It is soft in the fingers as it does not have angular edges. The client watched while we carried out a sample area. All looked good. We then carried on to finish the job.

Red and London stock bricks

Blastit has just completed work on a 4-bedroom house in Brookwood Close London. The customer is really happy. The bricks were very lightly cleaned.

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