Bronze sculpture

7th July 2020

Blastit Limited blast cleaned a bronze sculpture for Other People’s Sculpture Limited in North London to remove paint and create an overall etch.


27th April 2020

Blastit Limited blast cleaned the steels in 2014, prior to repainting at Portland Place London

Borough Market

2nd April 2020

Blastit Limited have completed removing paint from internal brickwork at New Hibernia House

Blast cleaning walls and Floors

28th February 2020

Blastit Limited has just completed work in Lorn Road. Brixton, London where the client wanted an old property to be renovated.

The walls have been blast cleaned to remove paint and the floor to remove the aggregate and leave as a finish

Blast cleaning concrete to expose aggregate

4th January 2020

Blastit Limited recently carried out more blast cleaning of concrete to expose the aggregate to give anaesthetic finish at Shortlands in Hammersmith.

Concrete blasting

Blastit Limited have recently worked at the Old Forge Woking. Concrete has been blasted to leave anaesthetic finish on interior columns.

Blast cleaning wall

14th December 2019

Blast again has visited Shortlands. Hammersmith, to expose and clean a wall in the library .

Concrete blasting

21st November 2019

Blastit grit blasted concrete columns to expose aggregate to leave as an aesthetic finish in Cannon Street, London

Sand Blasting, Soho London

Brewer Street property has received another brick clean by Blastit Limited. Bricks are now clean and paint has removed from internal walls. They will remain as they are as a feature for all to see.

Blastit Ltd are a sand blasting and blast cleaning company working all over London and the surrounding areas. For a quote or more information on our services, please contact us.

New mobile friendly website

5th June 2019

Welcome to the new Blastit Limited mobile friendly website. The website is now easier to use on mobiles and tablets. We hope you enjoy browsing through.