Tanking Blast Cleaning

Some of our recent blast cleaning projects carried out around the London area.

Blast Cleaning for Tanking

Much of our blast cleaning, which is in the London area, involves the cleaning of substrates within basements and vaults for tanking and damp treatment companies. We have prepared brickwork in the Houses of Parliament, Windsor Castle, Middle Temple Lane, (Law Courts) The British Museum and a huge amount of basements and coal under pavement storage areas that are being converted to residential usable areas.

Sand blasting creates a finished etch to the surface which is guaranteed to be suitable for this purpose. This excellent key is created without vibration or damage to the substrate and without injury to the operator. Recent restrictions surrounding the vibration caused by ‘bush hammering’ and needle gunning such as ‘white finger’, have meant that abrasive blast cleaning is a very valid alternative. There is no contact at any time between the blasting nozzle and the substrate.

We can use a wet blast method when dust issues are a priority, which helps to minimise any potential problems in that area.