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Blast Cleaning / Sandblasting Chelmsford: Blastit Ltd Company Profile

Established in 1979, Blastit Ltd is a mobile blast cleaning company offering a wide range of surface cleaning and etching methods to both the commercial sector and private customers.  As the leading sandblasting company based in Chelmsford, Essex, we also operate in London and the Home Counties. We utilise state of the art abrasive blasting equipment specifically designed for safety, speed and quality and this ensures the best results every time. We are happy to offer advice and information for specific requirements and our phone lines are always manned during office hours. Site visits and free estimates are provided for all inquiries.

The process of blast cleaning or sandblasting involves the use of compressed air and an abrasive medium. Applications range form removing paint and other coatings from brickwork, timbersteelconcrete, glass, fibreglass, stone, etc., to creating a guaranteed etch suitable for tanking preparation. Its uses in refurbishment projects are many and varied and can be applied to commercial/industrial buildings, as well as individual properties. We can also clean boat hulls using these methods. Steel, fibreglass and timber hulls can be cleaned of paint and rust and treated for osmosis problemsTurbine cleaning for Power Generators is another field in which Blastit are experienced.

Blast cleaning / sand blasting to restore timber beams

A full package of blasting services is offered on any contract – from masking and protecting in order to prepare the site, to blast cleaning using the appropriate method and sweeping and clearing the debris on completion. All our equipment is lorry mounted and we carry everything required to carry out the work.

Our Environmental Policy requires that all the media we use is chemically inert and conforms to ISO 11126 (non- metallic type). By using different grades of abrasive and varying the pressure, it is possible to offer a ‘gentle’ cleaning process where appropriate, such as on old brickwork or timbers, as well as a powerful, high- pressure blast, which will crack off the most stubborn coatings. Dust generated from the process can be minimised by using low breakdown abrasives and inducting water as a wet blast method.

Our operatives are fully trained and our chelmsford sand blasting company holds all relevant insurance policies.