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Hatton Garden vaults

Posted on 2017-02-14

Our team have recently been involved with a project in Hatton Garden which required a blast cleaning service suitable for achieving a key for tanking preparations in the vaults. We could provide all the necessary power and plant associated with a site such as this which included walls in the lower levels of the building. The contract was completed and signed off within a specified time frame, allowing the next trade to follow on.

Hammersmith Hospital

Posted on 2015-01-20

Blastit Limited have provided blast cleaning services in the lower ground level of the hospital to prepare walls for tanking procedures. The concrete was blasted to remove residual plaster deposits and give a guaranteed key required for a successful damp proofing specialist. The walls were washed down and left ready for the next contractor.

Newman Street Fitzrovia

Posted on 2015-01-06

Blastit have been involved with re-development work to premises in Newman Street where our blasting methods were employed to remove paint from stairwell walls running through the core of the building. The client brief was for an aesthetic rustic finish which was achieved by the use of specific abrasives and blast pressure during the blast.

The Zeppeling Building Farringdon Road

Posted on 2015-01-06

This building is one of historic interest in EC1 and is undergoing re- development. It was completely destroyed during the World War in 1915 by Zeppelin raids and was rebuilt in 1917. Blastit have carried out blast cleaning to the internal painted walls on 2 floors in the building for tanking preparation and also for aesthetic cleaning which allows the bricks to be uncovered and left visible.

Intumescent coatings

Posted on 2014-10-16

Blastit have recently completed abrasive blasting works in Commercial Street where there was a requirement to get an old heavy coating of intumescent material off the steel columns in readiness for a refurbishment of the spaces. The work was over a number of floors and as with many projects, speed was of the essence for the client to have the preparation blasting completed quickly and efficiently. Our fully mobile lorry mounted plant was able to deliver the service as required, and the steel was left ready to be re-coated.

Wahacca Restaurants

Posted on 2014-10-16

Blastit have been involved with establishing new outlets for the chain over the capital. Our mobile blast cleaning services have been employed to good effect in cleaning concrete and brickwork to leave these substrates uncovered and with a new aesthetic. Paint and general grime was cleaned off walls and columns in the refurbishment inside each building, in line with the restaurant's chosen 'look'. Our blast cleaning has added to the stylish interior on each site.

Middle Temple London

Posted on 2014-09-23

Blastit Limited recently, with great care blast cleaned the bell and wooden frame at Middle Temple (Inns of Court) London.

Brick ceilings

Posted on 2014-06-23

Blastit have cleaned brick ceilings to remove paint and leave for an aesthetic finish in the museum at The Honourable Artillery Company based in City Road, London. Once bricks have been blasted to remove existing coatings using an appropriate abrasive and air pressure, the bare brick is visible again and can be a feature in the design of a room.

Holborn Viaduct

Posted on 2014-06-19

We have recently undertaken a refurbishment project in the space under Holborn Viaduct on Farringdon Street. Blastit were employed to blast clean the brick arches under the viaduct to clean off years of built up grime and reveal the brick face again. The result is a striking new look interior space for our clients The Wine Makers Club to use as a base for their business.

Houses of Parliament

Posted on 2014-04-10

As part of a programme involving damp proofing works in the vaults at the Houses of Parliament, we were contracted to blast clean the vault substrate to remove the existing coatings and prepare the surface for tanking specialists. Blastit guarantee to provide the required etch to the surfaces and leave a suitable key for this type of damp proofing work.

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